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Neuropathy Treatment In Wasilla

{PJ} Neuropathy

Experience Natural Relief From Peripheral Neuropathy

It’s often characterized by numbness, muscle weakness, diabetic nerve pain, sharp, electric-like pain, burning or tingling. Neuropathy afflicts 20 million Americans, and its debilitating symptoms can negatively impact one’s quality of life. What starts out as numbness or tingling can become sharp, burning pain and balance problems if left untreated.

Luckily, we can help.

We Treat The Cause Of Your Neuropathy Pain

Most of the time, patients are prescribed drugs such as Gabapentin, LYRICA®, Cymbalta, injections or other dangerous off-label medications that have serious side effects. These drugs treat only the symptoms, but do nothing to correct the cause of your pain.

Our approach is different. We focus on treating the cause of your peripheral neuropathy, healing the nerves themselves. Because a nerve is an organism just like a plant, our goal in our clinic is simple. We must increase blood supply to the nerve so it can heal. Medications cannot increase blood flow, but we can with Low Level Laser Therapy.

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Cutting Edge Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

In addition to LLLT, we use a state-of-the-art technology allowing increased circulation to the extremities. By using a device that’s used in large hospital chains across the country for neuropathy, we are able to repair the damaged nerves, and start to make them durable once again.

Neuropathy doesn’t go away on its own and medications won’t get you better. The sooner you come in to have your neuropathy addressed naturally, the quicker you can experience improvement!

Book your free consultation today. We want to help you experience relief and healing!

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Natural Neuropathy Treatment In Wasilla