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Wasilla Chiropractor Dr. Blaine Upham

Wasilla Chiropractor, Dr. Blaine Upham

Wasilla Chiropractor, Dr. Blaine Upham

Knowledge Is Power

The average person doesn’t study health beyond what is taught in grade school, so educating patients about their own health and about chiropractic is a key part of helping them take control of their health.

Dr. Blaine Upham, or simply “Dr. Blaine” to his patients in Wasilla, believes that the more people know about chiropractic care and all its health benefits, the better choices they’ll make about their own health. “Educating patients and making them feel comfortable is one of the most rewarding things about what I do here at Mountain View Chiropractic and Wellness .”

After more than twenty years of providing chiropractic care, Dr. Blaine is still amazed at how quickly people heal – sometimes after only one to two treatments.

You see things all the time that change your life. I see miracles on a frequent basis.

Dr. Blaine

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Seeing Is Believing

Dr. Blaine began his career intending to practice physical therapy. “While volunteering in physical therapy at a chiropractic office, I saw how well patients responded to chiropractic and how much they enjoyed going to the chiropractor.” He changed his course of study and chose to pursue a career in chiropractic.

While studying chiropractic at Parker College (now Parker University) in Dallas, TX, Dr. Blaine suggested chiropractic to his own sister, who was suffering with pain and illness. Where most other medical treatments had failed her, chiropractic relieved her pain and restored her health.

Sharing My Experience in Wasilla

Having practiced previously in Seattle and in Arizona, Dr. Blaine recently relocated to Wasilla to lead the team at Mountain View Chiropractic and Wellness . A one-time resident of Alaska, Dr. Blaine is excited about his return and about seeing and experiencing all that the state has to offer.

In his free time, Dr. Blaine likes to stay active, especially outdoors. He works out on a regular basis and enjoys fishing, hiking, ice skating, and playing golf.

“Take a look around our website and then call me. I look forward to helping you reach your health goals.”

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