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Wellness Care at Mountain View Chiropractic and Wellness

You Have the Power to Change Your Health

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Chiropractic wellness care helps prevent injury and illness

We tend to wait until something is broken before we look for a way to fix it. But with health, that may be a big price to pay.

If you knew that you could always feel your best and live in a state of true health, would you do what it takes?

“Most people don’t realize they have the power to change their health and to enhance it at any time,” Dr. Blaine says. That’s why he recommends wellness care to his patients.

Why is Wellness Care So Important?

Regular chiropractic care, together with a healthy diet, the proper rest, exercise, and a positive mental attitude, helps keep pressure off the nervous system, which regulates every cell, nerve, tissue, and function.

Just like your dental health, it’s easier to address problems when they’re small. Being seen regularly helps ensure that problems are identified before they become more serious.

Wellness visits are typically scheduled once a month. After all, as Dr. Blaine points out, “Isn’t it easier to come in 12 times a year to maintain wellness than 12 times a month once something goes wrong?”

But I Feel Fine…

Having no active symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you’re well. Often there are indicators of a problem that has yet to emerge. Wellness is about having 100 percent functionality and achieving true health.

Let Dr. Blaine show you what it means to be truly healthy. Call or come in today to start your journey toward wellness.

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Your health is in your hands. We are here to help.