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Physiotherapy at Mountain View Chiropractic and Wellness

Healing Therapies Complement Your Care

Our doctors are nationally certified in physiotherapy and offer a variety of physiotherapy services. These therapies complement your chiropractic care and speed your healing. We’ll start with relieving the pain and work up to maintaining the strength and flexibility you’ll achieve.


Ultrasound can relieve inflammation deep in the tissue more effectively than other methods. And ultrasound is completely painless. It can also be used to warm the area and promote healing.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is a technique used mostly for patients who have relatively minor muscle injury and soreness.

A small device creates electrical impulses that stimulate nerves through small pads attached to the skin. The muscle responds to the stimulated nerve by contracting. In this process, the muscle responds the same way it would respond to a contraction brought on by exercise. The muscle ultimately gets stronger and healthier.

Electrical stimulation is used to decrease pain to the extremities and lower back. Other common uses of muscle stimulation include:

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Decreasing pain
  • Relaxing or tightening muscles

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy helps decrease pain and inflammation and assists with healing. The laser is able to target inflammation deep in the joint or tissue. You won’t feel any discomfort while the laser is being used.

Corrective Stretching

Similar to neurokinetic stretching, corrective stretching is assisted stretching that’s done right here in the office. This stretching helps restore movement and function.

Corrective Exercises

Many people have muscular imbalances which are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. But even active people can develop muscular imbalances that can lead to tight/short muscles or weak/inhibited muscles. These imbalances can lead to pain patterns over time, as well as differences in mobility and stability in the muscles of the body and spine. In turn, posture can be greatly affected.

Corrective exercises are for relieving pain, restoring function and expanding your range of motion. Exercise has been proven to inhibit pain signals. This is very important to achieve maximum improvement.

Function is the key – restoring flexibility and alignment are important to maintaining your good health. If something isn’t working properly, it will only get worse over time. Increasing strength and flexibility restores function and helps prevent future injuries.

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